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  • YALLA HomeGym Pair of 20″ Olympic Dumbbell Handles Commercial Grade

    • QUALITY BUILD: Olympic dumbbell handle bar is made using heavy-duty steel that is expected to handle weights up to 100KG / 225 lbs. without bending or breaking. Unlike other hollow dumbbell handles, this dumbbell is made of solid steel. It was also designed with the chrome-finish that gives off a more masculine look while it protects the handle bar from rusting.
    • PERFECT FOR INTENSE WORKOUT: Due to its heavy-duty steel bar build which can handle around 100KG of weights, loadable dumbbell handle bar is a perfect for intense workout such as Bodybuilding, Cross training, CrossFit, Weight loss, Toning, Resistance, High rep, Low rep, etc. It also exhibits incomparable safety which enables you to workout without any worry.
    • FOR OLYMPIC PLATES: These dumbbell handles are compatible with olympic weights with 2″ holes. Get these bars and utilize your weights to make your own adjustable dumbbells. Save your money and storage space
    • NON-SLIP HANDLE: YALLA HomeGym Dumbbell handle bar was designed with medium-depth diamond knurling that ensure firm grip while working out. Knurling also acts as passageway for dripping sweat that may cause a slippery handle bar. The bar is 20″ in length. Each bar weighs 4KG unloaded
    • LOADABLE DESIGN: It’s easy to go from light weight to heavy load with 2-inch loadable dumbbell as you work through different exercises types. It’s perfect for beginners, professional bodybuilders and athletes.
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