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Smith Machines

  • YALLA HomeGym Adjustable Mini Stepper

    • [Track your health]: The LCD monitor measures the total time and calories of your steps, making your exercise more reasonable and effective
    • [Hydraulic Drive System]: This fitness machine has a built-in hydraulic drive system that can provide smooth stepping motion.
    • [Large anti-slip pedals]: The large-textured pedals ensure a stable, non-slip foundation. Every time you rotate counterclockwise, the height range will decrease
    • [Rugged and durable] Compared with the traditional mini-stepping machine, we use 2mm high-quality steel and precision bearings. After thousands of tests, we ensure that our steppers are safe and durable and can support 150 KG.
    • [Space saving]: YALLA HomeGym stepper saves space. It only needs 0.23 squared meters of space.
  • Yalla HomeGym Legends All-In-One Smith Machine Functional Trainer with Cable Crossover

    Brand Yalla HomeGym
    Material  Steel (3mm tube thickness)
    Item dimensions LxWxH 150 x 125 x 220 cm; 245 Kilograms
    Weight limit 350 Kilograms (Smith) / 150KG (Cables)About this item
    • Package Includes: 65KG Counterweight (fixed). In addition to all the accessories as shown in the display Picture (Weight plates aren’t included)
    • [ALL-IN-ONE]: This functional trainer provides you with the best training exercises, Smith Machine, Cables Crossover, Squats, Pull-ups, Triceps pulldown, Biceps, Lats pull-down, Incline/flat/decline Bench pressing, Shoulder Press, Back Rows and absolutely all the muscles you need to train.
    • [SUITABLE EVERYWHERE]: This functional legendary trainer machine can be used at homes, offices, building gyms and commercial gyms!
    • [MAXIMUM LOAD]: With a max machine load of 350KG and Cables Load of 150KG.
    • [HEAVY-DUTY STEEL]: Commercial 3mm grade steel tube thickness.
    • After-Sale Support: Yalla HomeGym Offers 2 year warranty on the steel of this machine
  • Yalla HomeGym LEGENDS Trainer Commercial Gym Quality Package

    Brand Yalla HomeGym
    Material Steel
    Includes Everything as displayed
    Weight limit 350 Kilograms

    About this item

    • Package Includes:
    • ●YALLA HomeGym Legends Trainer Smith Machine Power Cage Commercial Gym Quality
      ●YALLA HomeGym Adjustable Heavy-Duty Bench with Exercises Guided Wall Poster
      ●70KG Olympic Bumper Plates (Pairs of 5/10/15/20KG) & 65KG FIXED weights in the middle
      ●220cm/20KG Chrome Olympic Barbell with bearings and 2 clips
      ●The displayed gifts
    • Exercises: Squats, Pull-ups, Triceps pulldown, Biceps, Lats pull-down, Incline/flat/decline Bench pressing, Shoulder Press, Back Rows and absolutely all the muscles you need to train!
    • Steel Tube Thickness: 3mm Commercial
    • Maximum Load of the Cables is 150KG & Maximum Load of the Free Barbell Rack is 350KG
    • After-Sale Support: Yalla HomeGym Offers 2 year warranty!

Home Gym Smith Machine Online

YALLA HomeGym produces power cages, super racks, and smith machines to help you with your weight lifting and full-body workout program. These machines help you to perform powerful exercises using heavy weights in a controlled and safe manner. In addition to placing the weights in a good starting position, these machines and racks also include safety bars and stopping mechanisms to prevent injuries when working with heavy weights in these big muscle group exercises. we are committed to providing exercise equipment for your home/garage gyms with the highest standard quality. We believe that everyone hopes to own a private workout place, and we will the master to assist you to achieve your dream. our Home Gym machines can be used for many purposes while staying with your family while exercising. Smith Machine is popular among beginners because the pulley system moves the weight in a manner that is easier than working out while fighting gravity. The Smith Machine is a great tool for anyone new to fitness, or looking to improve their form. It allows you to use heavier weights, more than you would be able to use on a free rack. Smith home gym equipment offers everything you need to tone and strengthen all major muscle groups while you exercise in the comfort of your own space.

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