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  • YALLA HomeGym Multi Grip Swiss Barbell Commercial Grade 220cm/22KG

    • SWISS BAR: The multigrip swiss bar is equipped with 8 different handles, allowing for 4 different position to increase versatility and specific muscle groups targeting during lifting workouts. They also help relieve strains from your shoulders and wrists
    • FINE CONSTRUCTION: The Swiss Bar is constructed with a chrome knurling (handle grips). This design prevents slippage and provides a comfortable grip so you can get the most out of the Bar. But it will not bruise your palm.
    • ATTACK YOUR MUSCLES FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES: Press, row, curl and extend to attack your muscles from different angles with the multi grip swiss barbell.
    • 2” OLYMPIC PLATE COMPATIBLE: Our swiss bar has the ideal size to fit all 2” Olympic weight plates as well as standard power racks
    • WEIGHT CAPACITY: Built to support up to 340KG/700LBS, this Swiss bar is designed for sustained stability and durability. it’s a great equipment to accompany angled neutral grip – pressing, lifting & curls
    • PRESS FLAT, INCLINE & OVERHEAD WITHOUT SHOULDER PAIN: The YALLA HomeGym Swiss Bar is a shoulder saving barbell, allowing you to press and pull without pain and discomfort.
  • YALLA HomeGym Olympic Barbells (4 Types: 7FT, 6FT, Curl EZ, Hex Trap)

    About this item

    • We YALLA HomeGym offer a variety of specialty bars for Olympic and Power Lifting. No matter what your needs are for weightlifting, we have a bar that will suit your needs! These bars are crafted with high-quality materials and finished in durable coatings to provide a long-lasting barbell that offers exceptional performance. Made to accommodate weight plates with a 2-inch center hole, also known as Olympic Weights.

    • TOP NOTCH QUALITY: Our barbells are made of high-quality chrome plating without worrying about corrosion. It is very suitable for all kinds of full body exercises under comfortable and safe conditions.
    • FINE CONSTRUCTION: The Olympic bar is constructed with a chrome knurling (sides knurling). This design prevents slippage and provides a comfortable grip so you can get the most out of the Bar. But it will not bruise your palm.
    • COMES WITH 2 LOCKS: The two locks ensure your weight plates are firmly fixed, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of plates while working out. Train with complete confidence!
    • PERFECT WORKOUT: The YALLA HomeGym Olympic Barbell can quickly improve muscle endurance and muscle strength, and burn a lot of calories. Shaping the perfect body line and increasing your strength!
    • SLEEVES WITH BEARINGS: Requested by our powerlifting champs of clients; We have improved and implemented the bearings feature on the sleeves, which can make your heavy lifts smoother and effortless!
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