• YALLA HomeGym Full Set (10KG to 30KG) Fixed Weighted Commercial Gym Straight Steel Bars

    • ■ FIXED STRAIGHT BARBELL: The fixed barbell is a powerful piece of equipment that allows for a total body workout. There is no need for attaching different plates to get your desired weight; this edition has it all!
    • ■ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Each Fixed Barbell is made from steel, coated in chrome, with protective rubber caps on each end, durable and long-lasting.
    • ■ KNURLED TEXTURE: The barbell features diamond-knurled hand grips that are designed to give you a sturdy grip. The intuitive grooves help you securely hold the bar in place while lifting
    • ■ VERSATILE USE: Our pre-loaded weight bar can be used during circuit and interval classes, weightlifting, or physical therapy. They require no set up, can be easily stored. Add a new level of muscle sculpting to your fitness workouts with these weightlifting bars.
    • ■ FULL SET: The YALLA HomeGym Pre-Loaded Weight Straight Bar is available in various sizes ensuring a demanding, versatile workout however you use it. The bars come in:  10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 25KG, and 30KG
    Material Alloy Steel
    Brand YALLA HomeGym
    Grip type Knurled
    Finish type Chrome
  • AED750.00AED1,350.00
  • Yalla HomeGym Heavy-Duty Ab Wheel Roller with Knee Pad | Sturdy Wheel for Core Workouts in The Gym or at Home

    • GET TONED: This premium core strengthening wheel helps build and tone your abs, arms & back. Effectively work out your core at home, the gym, or the office!
    • 3″ WHEEL: Our wheel is 9cm thick, while other brands are half that size! This gives you superior stability, allowing unrestricted movement for a more intense workout
    • COMFORTABLE GRIPS: Ergonomically designed grips prevent discomfort in your hands, so you can give 110% to every workout. Removable handles allow for compact storage and easy transport
    • FREE BONUS: When you buy our Ab Wheel, you also get a FREE foam knee pad to cushion your knees against hard floors at home or at the gym.
    • EXCELLENT VALUE: Free knee pad wide enough to support your both knees, easy to install and disassemble, convenient to use, unlimited scenes, available at home, office, gym, simple exercise, efficient results
  • YALLA HomeGym Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench (350KG Maximum Weight Capacity) Exercise Bench, Non-slip Rubber Legs, Incline / Flat / Decline Bench

    • HEAVY DUTY & SOLID: Made of commercial thickness steel & triangular mechanical support design with safety lock, this weight bench can support the weight up to 350KG (800lbs). thickened backrest & layers leather foam panel provide your a comfortable & safe workout bench
    • ADJUSTABLE BENCH WITH REMOVABLE PREACHER PAD: There are 6 backrest pad positions, 4 levels for seat positions. It allows incline/decline & flat position, you can use it with other different fitness equipment to meet your different sports needs!
    • TOP NOTCH SAFETY: Automatic Locking Bolts, Non Slip Rubber legs, High Quality leather!
    • Incline Dumbbell Fly Long-term adherence to exercise dumbbells can modify muscle lines, increase muscle endurance, often do heavy weights of dumbbells exercise, can make the muscle firm, strong muscle fiber, increase muscle strength.
    • Quick assembling design:Easy assembling design, you can adjust the angle as need for any time quickly.This fitness gear has soft foam roller pads for lower body comfort.
    • We will meet the expectation of the customer & your satisfaction is important to us
  • AED950.00AED1,650.00
  • AED1,450.00AED3,200.00
  • Yalla HomeGym Legends All-In-One Smith Machine Functional Trainer with Cable Crossover

    Brand Yalla HomeGym
    Material  Steel (3mm tube thickness)
    Item dimensions LxWxH 150 x 125 x 220 cm; 245 Kilograms
    Weight limit 350 Kilograms (Smith) / 150KG (Cables)About this item
    • Package Includes: 65KG Counterweight (fixed). In addition to all the accessories as shown in the display Picture (Weight plates aren’t included)
    • [ALL-IN-ONE]: This functional trainer provides you with the best training exercises, Smith Machine, Cables Crossover, Squats, Pull-ups, Triceps pulldown, Biceps, Lats pull-down, Incline/flat/decline Bench pressing, Shoulder Press, Back Rows and absolutely all the muscles you need to train.
    • [SUITABLE EVERYWHERE]: This functional legendary trainer machine can be used at homes, offices, building gyms and commercial gyms!
    • [MAXIMUM LOAD]: With a max machine load of 350KG and Cables Load of 150KG.
    • [HEAVY-DUTY STEEL]: Commercial 3mm grade steel tube thickness.
    • After-Sale Support: Yalla HomeGym Offers 2 year warranty on the steel of this machine
  • YALLA HomeGym LEGENDS Commercial 4.5HP AC Motor Treadmill, 0.8-20 KM/H Smart 10.1″ Touch Screen, 150KG Max User Weight, 18% Automatic Incline

    Technical Details

    Brand YALLA HomeGym
    Material Alloy Steel
    Incline Levels 18% Automatic Incline
    Running Belt  150cm by 52cm
    Maximum User Weight 150 Kilograms
    Maximum Speed 20KM/H
    Screen 10.1″ Interactive HD Touch Screen
    WARRANTY ‎2 years


    ■ Automatic Incline & High-Quality Treadmill


    ■ Large Running Surface & Strong Shock-absorbing System

    ■ Easy Assembly & Soft Drop Running Platform

    ■ After-Sale Support

  • Yalla HomeGym LEGENDS Trainer Commercial Gym Quality Package

    Brand Yalla HomeGym
    Material Steel
    Includes Everything as displayed
    Weight limit 350 Kilograms

    About this item

    • Package Includes:
    • ●YALLA HomeGym Legends Trainer Smith Machine Power Cage Commercial Gym Quality
      ●YALLA HomeGym Adjustable Heavy-Duty Bench with Exercises Guided Wall Poster
      ●70KG Olympic Bumper Plates (Pairs of 5/10/15/20KG) & 65KG FIXED weights in the middle
      ●220cm/20KG Chrome Olympic Barbell with bearings and 2 clips
      ●The displayed gifts
    • Exercises: Squats, Pull-ups, Triceps pulldown, Biceps, Lats pull-down, Incline/flat/decline Bench pressing, Shoulder Press, Back Rows and absolutely all the muscles you need to train!
    • Steel Tube Thickness: 3mm Commercial
    • Maximum Load of the Cables is 150KG & Maximum Load of the Free Barbell Rack is 350KG
    • After-Sale Support: Yalla HomeGym Offers 2 year warranty!
  • YALLA HomeGym Multi Grip Swiss Barbell Commercial Grade 220cm/22KG

    • SWISS BAR: The multigrip swiss bar is equipped with 8 different handles, allowing for 4 different position to increase versatility and specific muscle groups targeting during lifting workouts. They also help relieve strains from your shoulders and wrists
    • FINE CONSTRUCTION: The Swiss Bar is constructed with a chrome knurling (handle grips). This design prevents slippage and provides a comfortable grip so you can get the most out of the Bar. But it will not bruise your palm.
    • ATTACK YOUR MUSCLES FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES: Press, row, curl and extend to attack your muscles from different angles with the multi grip swiss barbell.
    • 2” OLYMPIC PLATE COMPATIBLE: Our swiss bar has the ideal size to fit all 2” Olympic weight plates as well as standard power racks
    • WEIGHT CAPACITY: Built to support up to 340KG/700LBS, this Swiss bar is designed for sustained stability and durability. it’s a great equipment to accompany angled neutral grip – pressing, lifting & curls
    • PRESS FLAT, INCLINE & OVERHEAD WITHOUT SHOULDER PAIN: The YALLA HomeGym Swiss Bar is a shoulder saving barbell, allowing you to press and pull without pain and discomfort.
  • AED699.00AED1,250.00
  • YALLA HomeGym Olympic Barbells (4 Types: 7FT, 6FT, Curl EZ, Hex Trap)

    About this item

    • We YALLA HomeGym offer a variety of specialty bars for Olympic and Power Lifting. No matter what your needs are for weightlifting, we have a bar that will suit your needs! These bars are crafted with high-quality materials and finished in durable coatings to provide a long-lasting barbell that offers exceptional performance. Made to accommodate weight plates with a 2-inch center hole, also known as Olympic Weights.

    • TOP NOTCH QUALITY: Our barbells are made of high-quality chrome plating without worrying about corrosion. It is very suitable for all kinds of full body exercises under comfortable and safe conditions.
    • FINE CONSTRUCTION: The Olympic bar is constructed with a chrome knurling (sides knurling). This design prevents slippage and provides a comfortable grip so you can get the most out of the Bar. But it will not bruise your palm.
    • COMES WITH 2 LOCKS: The two locks ensure your weight plates are firmly fixed, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of plates while working out. Train with complete confidence!
    • PERFECT WORKOUT: The YALLA HomeGym Olympic Barbell can quickly improve muscle endurance and muscle strength, and burn a lot of calories. Shaping the perfect body line and increasing your strength!
    • SLEEVES WITH BEARINGS: Requested by our powerlifting champs of clients; We have improved and implemented the bearings feature on the sleeves, which can make your heavy lifts smoother and effortless!
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