• YALLA HomeGym Billiards Pool Table Cover Fits All 7/8/9FT tables

    • Made of quality PVC Material, this waterproof billiard table cover is durable, strong and environmental-friendly to protect your pool table from animal scratches, tears, dust, spills, and other possible external damages.
    • Universal design allows this protective vinyl covering to fit all billiard tables
    • Fitted style of this covering provides protection for the top playing surface and the side table aprons
    • Safeguards against sunlight, spills, dust, dirt and pets from damaging your billiard table
    • 100% SATISFACTION–If you have any questions about the billiard table cover, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service.
  • AED80.00AED160.00
  • AED80.00AED160.00
  • YALLA HomeGym CHAMPIONS Treadmill, 0.8-16km/h, Smart 7.1″ Touch Screen, 3.25HP Motor, 15% Automatic Incline

    Brand Yalla HomeGym
    Material Alloy Steel
    Incline Levels 15% Automatic Incline
    Running Belt  130cm by 46cm
    Maximum User Weight 130 Kilograms
    Maximum Speed 16KM/H
    Screen 7.1″ Interactive HD Touch Screen
    Product Dimensions 174 x 75 x 137 cm; 79 Kilograms


    ■ Automatic Incline & High-Quality Treadmill 

    ■ Interactive 7.1″ HD TOUCH SCREEN & Fitshow APP & Bluetooth Speaker

    ■ 3.25 HP Powerful Quiet Motor

    ■ Large Running Surface & Strong Shock-absorbing System

    ■ Easy Assembly & Soft Drop Running Platform

    ■ After-Sale Support

  • Yalla HomeGym Champs Smith Machine

    • Exercises: Smith Machine, Squats, Pull-ups, Triceps pulldown, Biceps, Lats pull-down, Incline/flat/decline Bench pressing, Shoulder Press, Back Rows and absolutely all the muscles you need to train! !
    • Steel Tube Thickness: 2MM Semi-Commercial
    • Maximum Load of the Cables: 120KG
    • Maximum Load of the Smith Barbell: 250KG

    Yalla HomeGym Champs Smith Machine

  • Yalla HomeGym Champs Smith Machine Package with 105KG Plates & Bench

    • Includes: 105KG Olympic Rubber Weight Plates (Pairs of 2.5KG/5KG/10KG/15KG/20KG) + Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench
    • Exercises: Smith Machine, Squats, Pull-ups, Triceps pulldown, Biceps, Lats pull-down, Incline/flat/decline Bench pressing, Shoulder Press, Back Rows and absolutely all the muscles you need to train! !
    • Steel Tube Thickness: 2mm Semi-Commercial
    • Maximum Load of the Cables: 120K
    • Maximum Load of the Smith Barbell: 250KG
  • YALLA HomeGym Commercial Grade Wall Mount Squat Rack جهاز جودة نوادي قابل للطي

    Brand Yalla HomeGym
    Material Steel
    Includes Everything as displayed
    Weight limit

    :عن المنتج

    كفاءة المساحة – استناد القوة القابل للطي المثبت على الحائط والذي يمكن طيه إلى الداخل والخارج بشكل مريح. يمكنك طيه على الحائط لتوفير أكبر قدر ممكن من المساحة ، أو ببساطة قفل الرف في وضع مفتوح جاهز للاستخدام. طريقة قوية وأنيقة لبدء بناء ناديك المنزلي أو مرآبك

    تصميم مميز – يتيح لك نظام الدبوس والمفصل المميز إزالة شريط الجذب بسرور بعد التمرين ، وببساطة طي الاستناد على الحائط عند الانتهاء من التمرين

    التركيب السهل – تعليمات مباشرة. مجهز بشريط سحب سريع التوصيل ومجموعتين من كؤوس . ابدأ في القيام بتمارين الضغط على المقعد ، والقرفصاء ، والانخفاضات ، والتمارين الإبداعية الأخرى بعد دقائق من تركيب الرف على الحائط

    صلب ذو قياس ثقيل – يستخدم رف القوة المثبت على الحائط من أنابيب فولاذية سميكة بمقدار 3 مم للمساعدة في الحفاظ على أقصى قوة

    AED1,750.00AED4,500.00 61% off
  • YALLA HomeGym Commercial Home Adjustable Squat Rack

    • HEAVY DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: YALLA HomeGym adjustable squat stand is made of 2.5MM heavy duty steel pipe. The enhanced frame provides extra stability and support for up to 400KG,very sturdy and stable. Powder coated finish absolutely will not rust . With safety locking system, it is easier for you to adjust height and ensure your safety.
    • SAFETY SUPPORT: The base is triangle-shaped and not easy to turn over. Thick square tube used in the main frame enhances the stability of the entire weight rack and is sturdier than the ordinary base. squat rack stand feet are equipped with non-slip covers to avoid damage to the floor and increase safety.
    • ADJUSTABLE WIDTH & HEIGHT: Adjustable squat rack stands with 12 levels of height and 7 levels of width adjustment, both height and width are adjustable. The stand ranges from 105-167cm in height and 86-133 in width, Adjust the spotters to fit your height need, and a variety of combinations can easily meet the exercise needs of the whole family.
    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: The Squat rack stand equipped with 2 weight storage sleeves and can be used for Olympic 2? or normal 1? weight plates. The multi-functional design allows you to easily do various exercises including bench press, shoulder press, squat, overhead lifts and more, allowing you to exercise arms, abs, legs, chest muscles at home, let you get a healthy and perfect figure.
    • SAFE & SECURE: For added this adjustable squat and bench rack safety and stability, we use high-quality metal nuts and supporter equipped with inner non-slip washers. Please use two wrenches to fasten the nuts.
  • YALLA HomeGym Commercial Quality 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack Stand, Weight Storage Rack for 10 pairs of Dumbbells (20 single dumbbells)

    • STABLE AND SOLID CONSTRUCTION: The dumbbell rack is commercial quality and made of high-end steel with a durable frame. It has a super load-bearing capacity, and always maintains its own stability. At the same time, there is no need to worry that it will shake or be damaged during long-term use.
    • COMPACT AND SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: The dumbbell rack adopts an ergonomic design structure. It has 2 levels to store 10 pairs of dumbbells (20 x dumbbells), with enough space between each level, to comfortably take and return the dumbbells. You can absolutely place the rack anywhere in your commercial gym, home gym, or office.
    • SCRATCH RESISTANT: The durable black powder coated finish allows this rack to stand up to wear and tear from everyday use; The tough powder coating effectively withstands scratches and scuffs
    • MULTI-LEVEL DESIGN: Two-Tier design with angled shelves provide easy access and storage of dumbbells; Organize and store dumbbells in a safe, convenient space with this dumbbell rack
    • SPACE & SIZE: YALLA HomeGym 2 tier dumbbell rack is designed to Accommodates 10 pairs of Dumbbells; Dimension: 239x80x84CM (LxWxH)
  • AED399.00AED850.00
  • YALLA HomeGym Exercise Guided Yoga Mat with Carrying Mesh Bag

    • NEW ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: The upgraded YALLA HomeGym Yoga mat is made with High Density PVC premium ecoFriendly material. and has no irritating smell, as well as more soft, skin-friendly and light weight. Recyclable and avoid environmental pollution. The exercise mat is suitable for many forms of Yoga, Pilates and fitness.
    • YOGA & STRETCHES EXERCISES: Our Yoga mat is fully customized with both sides (Yoga & Stretching) printed exercise positions which guides you to do perfect exercises at home without any further guidance by any coach or trainer.
    • FREE CARRY & STORAGE BAG: No need to go buy a yoga carrying bag. Easy to carry your yoga mat around with you. A carrying mesh bag is included with the yoga mat.
    • OPTIMUM THICKNESS YOGA MAT: Size: 174x62cm x 4mm Thick. Because of its strong resilience force, this 4mm fitness mat offers the most comfortable experience for all levels.
    • 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE: Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. if you have any problem with your yoga mat, please feel free to contact us and we’ll offer you a satisfying solution. NO MORE HESITATION, just add this exercise mat to your shopping cart and BUY IT NOW!
  • YALLA HomeGym Full Set (10KG to 30KG) Fixed Weighted Commercial Gym Curl EZ Steel Bars

    • ■ FIXED CURVED BARBELL: The fixed barbell is a powerful piece of equipment that allows for a total body workout. There is no need for attaching different plates to get your desired weight; this edition has it all!
    • ■ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Each Fixed Barbell is made from steel, coated in chrome, with protective rubber caps on each end, durable and long-lasting.
    • ■ KNURLED TEXTURE: The barbell features diamond-knurled hand grips that are designed to give you a sturdy grip. The intuitive grooves help you securely hold the bar in place while lifting
    • ■ VERSATILE USE: Our pre-loaded weight bar can be used during circuit and interval classes, weightlifting, or physical therapy. They require no set up, can be easily stored. Add a new level of muscle sculpting to your fitness workouts with these weightlifting bars.
    • ■ FULL SET: The YALLA HomeGym Pre-Loaded Weight Straight Bar is available in various sizes ensuring a demanding, versatile workout however you use it. The bars come in:  10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 25KG, and 30KG
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